Orlando Fedeli and Pope John Paul II

Who is Orlando Fedeli?

Orlando Fedeli (São Paulo, 7 February 1933 - São Paulo, 9 June 2010) was a Brazilian Catholic Apologist.

From a young age he dedicated his life to defend Christ and His church, the Catholic Church, especially against Liberalism, Modernism and the revolution that came after the Second Vatican Council. Promoter of Traditional Latin Mass, he lectured for years for Catholics and non-Catholics, including many young men and women that today are priests and nuns in Brazil and France.

Orlando Fedeli delivered hundreds (if not thousands) of lectures throughout Brazil, wrote 4 books, over 40 papers (essays), more than 300 articles and replied to thousands of letters from people who read his writings and wanted to learn more.

He founded the newspaper Veritas which later became the Associação Cultural Montfort.

Member of the Our Lady Sodality (Congregação Mariana) and a 3rd order Carmelite, was for many portuguese speaking Catholics an example to be followed.

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One of the greatest brazilian catholic apologist, now in english